TSC Experiment

Back in October of 2010, The Spinning Clones recorded a simple, low-fi track consisting of Andrew’s guitar and Anne’s vocals. We gave the song a nickname, Le Meow, and sat on it for bit while we focused our efforts elsewhere.

Upon finding it again, Anne was struck by an idea: Le Meow is a fairly basic foundation, but parts of it are hard to match in tone and measure. While discussing Le Meow, Anne began to wonder how other people would approach the creation of a new song using the same base-track. Which parts would they sample; where would they place them? What would the final products reveal about each individual’s, or group’s, creative process? When listening to an unfinished track, what do they hear as a song’s potential, and how will they reach that potential by weaving in unique genre-quirks and macro-vibes?

Curious, we sent out Le Meow to a few friends and waited. So far, the results have been outstanding. Everyone is welcome to participate, so feel free to send us an email at thespinningclonesexperiment@gmail.com to request the Le Meow mp3.

Le Meow